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How Scheduled Orders Work

There are two cases when food clients place a Scheduled Order ("Order for later"):

1. The restaurant is open at the time the order is placed

Let’s say a food client wants to pre-order food delivery so they place a scheduled order (“order for later”) at 7 PM in the evening when the restaurant is still open. 

In this case, the order is pushed to the order taking app right away. The restaurant also gets a clear indicator that the fulfillment date and time are in the future.

scheduled delivery - order for later2. The restaurant is closed at the time the order is placed

Now let’s say the food client wants to pre-order food online and places a scheduled order (“order for later”) at 3 AM when the restaurant is closed.

In this case, the order is queued until the restaurant opens the next day. 

The pending order will get pushed into the order taking app at the opening time that was set in the account when the order was placed. 

Because the food client is not waiting on-screen, the restaurant has 15 minutes to confirm the queued orders that gather while they are closed (for real-time orders where the food client is waiting on-screen, the restaurant only has 3 minutes). Once more, when the order gets pushed, there is a clear indicator of the fulfillment date and time.

food clients can schedule food delivery

When the food client places an “order for later” and the restaurant is closed, they are informed that their order will get accepted when the restaurant opens.

Note: Food clients can cancel queued orders up to the moment they get pushed to the order taking app.

To make sure the restaurant does not miss any queued-up orders, they should have the order taking app visibly launched in the foreground when they open. Also, they should make sure that the charger is connected at all times.

All queued orders can be previewed in admin -> Reports -> List View -> Orders.

order for later orders previewed

Custom delivery slots - setup

The restaurant can set custom delivery slots, like this:

This means that instead of delivering food at fixed hours, restaurants can now deliver between intervals such as:

  • 14:30-15:00 (half an hour interval) 
  • 14:00-16:00 (2 hours interval)
  • and more

This is how the time slots are displayed in the ordering widget (the example provided is for a 30 minutes interval):

Limit pickup and delivery scheduled orders per time slot

When is it necessary?

For example, there are too many scheduled orders for delivery at a certain time during the day (e.g. dinner time) and the restaurant does not have enough drivers available or sufficient kitchen capacity to prepare all the orders.

Where can you find these settings?

Admin panel -> Other -> Advanced Settings -> Limit scheduled orders

How does it work?

The restaurant can choose to have one or both limitations turned on.

  • For pickup: the limitation is always defined per 15 minutes intervals
  • For delivery: the time slot is the same as what the restaurant has defined in Setup-> Services & opening hours -> Scheduled orders

How it looks for the food client

Once the limit for a slot is reached, the slot is shown as Not available in the ordering widget. The first available slot is automatically pre-selected.


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