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First-time promo for new clients

First-time (online) food clients can be attracted through a dedicated type of promotion in the Kick-starter section of the system.

Go to Kick-starter -> Encourage first order -> Overview and click Next until reaching "First buy promo". Click Yes and Next.

first time promo

Edit the headline, description and change the picture of the promotion to reflect the benefits the restaurant offers within it.

first time promo offer

Set a discount and a minimum order value (optional):

sales promotions ideas for first time customer

Once the first-time promo is finished it can be viewed by clicking "Manage promotions":

online promotion examples: first buy promo

That will lead to Marketing -> Promotions -> Pre-made promos. Here, the restaurant can disable/enable or review the promotion, can visualize the number of times the first-time promo was used, or the name of the customized coupon that can be advertised in various ways.

new client promotions: first order promo

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