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Online payment methods - overview

Online payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, browser payment, and iDEAL (the Netherlands only) are available within the system.

In order to activate them, the restaurant first needs to unlock the online payments module in the admin panel -> Setup -> Payments -> Online payment. Click “Yes” and then “Next.”

online payment platforms

Once they’re ready to accept online payments, go to Payments -> Card, Apple Pay, G-Pay, iDeal (via Stripe) and click Yes.

In order to enable these online payment methods, they need to have a Stripe merchant account. To connect their Stripe merchant account with this ordering system, the account holder should insert the publishable key, and the live secret key they’ll find in your Stripe dashboard in the designated boxes in the admin area.

best online payment methods

Once they click on “Connect,” Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and browser payment will be enabled by default.

Apple Pay

If the restaurant wants to use Apple Pay, they need to enable it in Stripe first, then enable it in the ordering system and click next.

To set up Apple Pay on the Stripe account for the first time, click on Apple Pay under Payments in Settings.

The domain names for the Apple pay verification will be automatically added once the account holder confirms within the admin panel that Apple Pay is enabled within their Stripe merchant account. Once this is done, the verification should be complete upon the page refresh.


If the restaurant wants to use iDEAL, they need to enable it in Stripe first, then enable it in the ordering system and click next.

Here’s how to activate iDEAL in Stripe.

What the restaurant sees in the Admin panel

This is how it will look in the admin panel once the restaurant enables the online payment methods:

safe online payment methods

How food clients will see these payment methods

Food clients will see these payment methods at checkout under “Payment Method.”


online secure payment methods: gpay

Apple Pay

different online payment methods: apple payLimitations

This payment method is visible when the food clients use Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, or a modern browser that supports the standard Payment Request API.

Please note that it only shows as an option during checkout in case the restaurant's food clients have already added a card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, or their browser (this is a restriction from Stripe).

The website must use an SSL secured connection (the browser needs to show the lock symbol in the address bar) for this to work. If the existing legacy website does not have such a secure connection please consider enabling the sales optimized website.

On Mac, due to Apple's restrictions, ApplePay only works on the sales optimized website and not when the account holder adds the order button to the legacy website. It works on the iPhone/iPad, though, regardless of whether the restaurant uses the sales optimized website or the legacy website.

The ApplePay payment method works only when the ordering menu is accessed using the Safari browser.

Good to know

This payment method fully supports SCA—including exemption logic—and ensures that the restaurant only asks customers to provide additional authentication when strictly necessary.

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