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3D Secure payment/SCA compliance

The system supports 3D secure payment through Stripe. Please check if Stripe is available in the restaurant's country. 

If the restaurant is connecting a Stripe merchant account for the first time, then it will already be SCA compliant. If however, they had a merchant account connected before, they may need to migrate it. They can check if this is the case if they find their Stripe settings in the "card (other providers)" section. 

card sca complianceIf the restaurant has a merchant account with Stripe, they can migrate to be Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant, like this: 

1. Switch off existing online payments to NO, then press "NEXT" to save this setting.

restaurant online payments

2. Navigate to "Card, Apple Pay, G-Pay, iDEAL (via Stripe)". Then, copy & paste the keys from the Stripe dashboard in the ordering platform:

3d secure payment stripe

3. Enable the cards payment method (if not already enabled):

3d secure registration

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and iDEAL (the Netherlands only) fully support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) - including exemption logic - and ensure that the restaurant only asks food clients to provide additional authentication when strictly necessary.

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